1780 - 1880

At the origin of The House of Development lies a Dutch family that, over the years, has proven its enormous strenght in the construction business. This family has a heritage in the building and shipping industry that dates back to 1780. Early generations specialized in the construction of wooden river barges in Krommerijn, near Utrecht.

Around 1880, the shipbuilding activity evolved to metal hulls, and the family transferred its know-how of specialized carpentry and technology to the construction of residential houses.

The family left a legacy of estates in Utrecht that are dating from that period, to mention a few: the ''Verenigingsgebouw van de Nederlands Hervormde Gemeente'', the police building ''Tolsteeg'' (the present Louis Hartlooper Complex, a ''rijksmonument''), the ''Hervormde lagere school aan het Domplein'' (the present Music-school), the bank building at the ''Plompetorengracht'' and a ''batterijfabriek'' at the ''Amsterdamsestraatweg''.  


In the sixties, the 18th century summer palace Vollenhove in Zeist was purchased, from where the family company operated. They developed the expansion of Vollenhove with 2 400 houses, a shopping center and a large office park. Subsequently, ambitious expansion plans resulted in projects in, amongst others, Bitlhoven, Maarsenbroek and in several other major building projects.

This rapid expansion was a key element in the evolution of the family business.

In the seventies and eighties, one of the children continued in his father's footsteps and started his own development entity in the Benelux, Royal Building NV. The company grew quickly, its main activities being oriented towards residential and office development, most of them being concentrated around Antwerp and Brussels.

1996 - 2008

After his successful establishment in Belgium, he created a 50/50% joint venture through which Robelco NV was incorporated, having as a purpose to create a first class real estate firm. Robelco NV anticipated the need of office space in Brussels where they focused on the airport and ring road area. Through forward-looking and creative projects they became one of the largest developers in Belgium.

In this partnership unique talents were combined to create a synergy to develop and bring to success the innovative projects for which Robelco NV had become so renowned for. Meanwhile, the family was director in the board of directors of Cofinimmo NV, Belgiums''s leading REIT as well as a mayor player in the European market.

2008 - ...

In 2010 the partnership with Robelco NV came to an end. Consequently they developed their own business entities, out of which the House of Development emerged.